Friday, October 24, 2008

ELECTION DAY! (No, not THAT one!)

Finally, after a week or two of waiting, I am getting a hair cut.

I cannot wait. It is way overdue.

Now, I have to decide just how to cut it. Look in my sidebar to see how it is now. (I'll wait.)

Then, vote between these two looks. Essentially, do I go short, or keep it long?

#1: The Courtney Cox look

#2: The Jessica Simpson (similar to what I have now)

My appointment is this afternoon. Vote, because I'm all democratic like that :-)

I'll have a big reveal, um, later :-)

Now GO VOTE!!!


  1. I prefer the longer style. No particular reason except that I like longer hair. :o)

  2. Go short - you'll get a ton of compliments, which will be good for your ego, and then it'll grow out.

  3. Well...I'm too late to I will wait and see the reveal. I'm sure either would look great on you!

    Hope you're happy with the results.

  4. Go short--I agree with jknits--greater impact!!

  5. Too late, but go Jessica Simpson! I keep my hair pretty similar to that, and you have alot of versatility with it as well.

    Show us what you chose!


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