Saturday, October 11, 2008

Puppy Love

No, not that kind! Our doggie drama continues...

The new dog itch just wasn't gone, so we started looking at the local shelters for a dog that would fit with our family. We found one that was gorgeous in her photo, and we just knew she was the one.

Her shelter was an hour away, so finally last Sunday we made the trip to see her. She was so NOT the one. She wouldn't look at us, come near us, or in any way acknowledge our presence. Not exactly the warm-fuzzy-licks-you-to-death kind of dog I was hoping for. And her photo? Well, whoever took that photo was a magician! She looked terribly unhealthy in real life. I hope she finds a good home. It just won't be ours.

So we're leaving and the ladies at the shelter are like, "You didn't find one?" We shook our heads. "Well, we have one more that just came in. Let me go get him."

When she came through the door, all I saw was a little black puppy face with big brown eyes and I think I audibly said, "AWWWWW!"

We played with him for a few minutes, and all of the boys loved him, too. It was unanimous. We'd FINALLY found our dog.

We had to wait for him to get "fixed", so we couldn't bring him home until Thursday. (Another hour-each-way ride!) Well, now he's here. The shelter called him Buddy, which several of us originally wanted to change. But it just kind of suits him, so Buddy it is.

He is precious. He took a nap in my lap while I did my Bible study. He loves to be held, and petted, and played with. Aaron is great with him. Eli is still a little timid, but we'll work on it. The house training has a loooong way to go, but we'll get that eventually, too.

He lays on your feet, your shoes, his toys, whatever is handy. And he has claimed the "dump everything" corner where we toss our shoes as his own. He is too funny! And sooooo cute. Wanna see him? OK. :-)

(He does not really have blue eyes. They are dark brown.)

BONUS: He licks :-)


  1. Hi, Buddy!

    My mom & dad got a puppy last night, too... lots of puppy love going around! :)

  2. Awww!! He's a cutie pie! Glad y'all finally found YOUR puppy!

  3. I am so glad to hear you found your puppy! He looks like an absolute doll!

  4. What a cutie! I'm glad you found the puppy for your family!


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