Thursday, July 12, 2007

Free stuff - just tell me why you want it by August 1st

I finally had to clean up my side of the closet. I am a fanatic knitter. (Yes, Marybeth. I was the one at She Speaks who yelled "Whoo-hoo"' about knitting blogs.) Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I am a fanatic yarn collector. I didn't count how many balls, hanks and skeins of yarn I had. I've got soft yarn, scratchy yarn, fat yarn, skinny yarn, fuzzy yarn, cheap yarn, expensive yarn, ribbon yarn, and lots of other yarn. I don't know how many naked sheep are grazing somewhere because I have their wool, but it's a lot. Really.

I guess I'll just say that I am immeasurably blessed. Instead of shoes or handbags (Micca), I love yarn. And then I make purses out of it! Sometimes, anyway. I love making kids stuff. Baby hats and toys the most. Or tiny clothes. Maybe I'll try posting pictures of them. I can't finish big projects. I get bored and have to put them away before I even remotely finish them.

Anyway, I discovered two "learn to knit" kits and one "learn to crochet" kit buried in my closet. I used to have a knitting ministry in the neonatal intensive care unit that my last son spent 11 days in. I tried to teach the moms with babies there to knit, but I couldn't get any help teaching and I let my human-ness burn me out, wear me down, and talk me into quitting. I took my focus off of God and what He wanted do accomplish through me, and instead turned the focus on myself and what I could, or couldn't, do. I know now that was a mistake to give up. But I'm letting God handle it this time. He'll let me know if I should try it again.

So, in the meantime, I knit things and give them to charity. A scarf for a college student who is an orphan through the Red Scarf project at Caps for kids in need everywhere. Teddy bears for traumatized children. Chemo caps for cancer patients. It's very rewarding...

Sorry, off on a tangent. So, I don't need these kits anymore, and they are up for grabs! Tell me why you want to learn, or who you will give it to, and I will announce the winners August 1 after my much-needed vacation. I thought they would be great for teen girls to introduce them to "giving back" to the community. Just a thought....

Be creative, and good luck!!


  1. I'm going to tell my cousin, Karolee, about this. She loves to knit ~ maybe she'll want it. She has posted pictures of some of her completed projects, so you should check out her blog!

  2. Hi,

    A friend pointed me to your site. I am an avid knitter also. I LOVE knitting socks. Recently I started a knitting group in which the more experienced knitters work with the 'newbies'. We've been having a great time. If I win your kit, I would give it to one of my 'students' who is 12 years old and just learning how to knit. It's been great fun introducing knitting to these kids.

  3. OOh, Ooh-- waving hand wildly like you did in my class when I mentioned knitting!

    I know my 13 yo daughter would love those kits-- she loves to knit!

    Let me know who wins and I will keep checking back!

    Love the blog-- you are doing great!


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