Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let me introduce my family...

OK, now that I know how to post pics, you are all in trouble. Today you will meet my precious family. We'll start with one you know. Wide-eyed baby from the last post? He's the sleepy one holding his blankie.

Below him is big brother who starts kindergarten in August.

And then there's the handsome teenager, who has a birthday this week, who starts high school in August. He took all these photos.

Gorgeous, huh? They get their looks from their mom, of course! (But they really are happier than they look here. I just need to transfer the newer pics from my camera.)

Don't ask me how I have three blond-haired boys. My hair is not, and has only briefly been artificially, blond. My husband is brunette, too. Go figure. God just blessed me with beautiful children!

I'm time pressed right now. This week has been crazy, and right now I've got to get to my Beth Moore study. But I'll actually write soon, I promise!!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Which Beth Moore study are you working on?

  2. Just one more week of The Patriarchs...Then we're supposed to start the one on Paul, but I don't know if I'm going to do that or not.


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