Friday, July 6, 2007

Special Thanks!

Thanks go 0ut to Marybeth Whalen, whose class at She Speaks encouraged me to start my own blog. She also shared my story with Lysa TerKeurst, who wrote the book I mention in that story. And Lysa became the first person to leave me a comment! (Thanks Lysa!) I know that seems silly, but I find it quite exciting to know that someone besides me has read my blog! Not only was Lysa my first comment, she also wrote about all of this on her blog. You can check it out here:

The post is called "The Power of a Pause." She's just incredible, as is her ministry, Proverbs 31. Look in to that it as well at

Marybeth can be found in many places, but I find it easiest to go to She's a wonderful writer as well.

Happy reading!!

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  1. Just happened over here from Marybeth's this afternoon. Welcome to the blog world! I read your previous posts, and liked what I read. I'll be back! =)


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