Saturday, July 7, 2007

Not MY idea...

I swim daily in a sea of testosterone. I, along with my poor mother-in-law, live with my tall, dark and handsome husband and three blond haired, blue eyes boys. Every Saturday the testosterone peaks to an all-time high! I will be barely out of bed, halfway through my first cup of coffee when my honey Jeff is crying out, "Let's go!!" And he means RIGHT THEN. I am always still in my PJ's, no make-up, teeth unbrushed, hair a mess, and he's ready to leave. I hate to say, but this often starts my Saturday's off in a very grumpy mood.

I deal with this a lot, and even ran across a list of possible writing topics for devotions this morning. This was at the top: "Don't be a party pooper. Have fun with the kids." Like I said, I DEAL with this a lot. God has to gently remind me that it can actually be fun to do all those "boy" things, even if you are a bit of a girly-girl.

My ideal Saturday is more like this: my hot coffee and I get to read, or write uninterrupted for a while. I can nap if I wish. Or I can work in the yard. Or I can go shopping. Or clean house if I force myself.

Did you notice all the "I"'s in there? Oh.

Well, it seems that I really should spend more time with my family. The work week is chaotic, so fun family time is really needed in my house on the weekends. I need to die, yet again, to my own selfish desires (which are really not going to happen anyway: writing uninterrupted? No way!) and focus on my family. And what my sweet heavenly Daddy is telling me to.

So today, I am about to do one or some combo of the following with all my boys:

1. Go fishing. I actually enjoy this, except for the worms and the actual fish. Yuk!
2. Golf driving range. Again, I enjoy, but it's 90 degrees out today. Can you say, "Heat Stroke?"
3. Linville Caverns. Cool, but almost 2 hours away. I am not spending 4 hours riding in a truck with 4 sweaty boys and a cooler of dead fish. Again, YUK!
4. Whatever else my husband said that I tuned out.

My ideal Saturday? No. But today, I think it is God's ideal Saturday for me...

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