Friday, July 20, 2007

Pinnacle Focus: Josh Fowler

I am going to try a little something on my blog. Periodically, I am going to focus a post on someone from my church. I will tell you a little about them, and likely have a prayer request for them as well. So, let's get it started!

First, I am asking for prayer for our creative arts pastor, Josh Fowler. He had shoulder surgery yesterday, which went very well. I ask for complete healing, quick recovery, and no complications. And prayer for his lovely wife Susan who will put up with , oh , I mean, take care of him. :-) (Well, he is a boy!)

CMT is starting an American Idol-type show called "Big Break" and they filmed the pilot here in Asheville a few months ago. Josh, our 22 year old worship leader at Pinnacle Church, was one of the finalists! They're starting to plug the show and have it on I had the link to his page last night, but was having technical difficulties and couldn't get it right in my draft. This morning, CMT says that page has been moved. The show link is there, but the bios of the contestants are gone. But, his picture is still in there in the photo gallery. As you look at the 11 of them, his name is at the bottom of the window. Josh will personally tell you that it is the worst picture ever. A better preview of Josh is on the Pinnacle Church "Meet the Staff" page.

He is a godly young man with a humble heart. Check him out!! And say a prayer for him, too!!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Are these two different Joshes or one in the same? No matter - God knows - I'll pray for Josh - healing and competition.

  2. Sorry if there is confusion. It's all the same Josh...


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