Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Few Good Reasons Why I Don't Do the Grocery Shopping

1. Jeff's mom (who lives with us) doesn't work often. The daily trip grocery store is her excuse to get out of the house and interact with people she isn't related to.

2. I spend way too much money when I go. Jeff will usually go if we're desperate. Which is fine with me, because I'd rather scrub toilets than grocery shop. Seriously :-)

3. People look at you funny when your shopping cart contains:

Rice pudding
Dr. Pepper
4. When you're driving your husband's truck and are trying to cram all your bags onto an already crowded floorboard, you forget about your shopping cart. Which then leads you to turn around for the Slim-Fast box, realize that the cart is missing, and feel your heart drop to the pavement as you watch it careening across the parking lot towards a nice Mazda. Which then makes you sprint after it, narrowly avoiding disaster as you catch it before it crashes in to said nice Mazda. Whew! We'll just say that I haven't ben a runner since the 9th grade track team. Call me Grace!
And that, class, is why I don't usually do the grocery shopping.
The End.


  1. I've got the slim-fast thing going on too! Believe me, there's nothing fast about it, but it's always fun to stack it on top of the icecream and sodas and the rest.

    After being on vaca for a week with no exercise (unless putt-putt counts) and lots of eating out...

    I pulled out the SF this morning and hit the neighborhood for my run. And yes, I just returned from the grocery which always involves extras when the youngin's are in tow.

    Exhausting. Really, I'm over it.


  2. You would rather scrub toilets??? I can't imagine, though it sounds as though you might have a little more grace for scrubbing toilets than grocery shopping. LOL!

    I can't let anyone else do the grocery shopping because I'm too picky and I'm the queen of coupons and saving money at the grocery store.


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