Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Name Droppin'

My She Speaks wrap-up is going to be very simple. The sessions were great, and the food was good. Worship leader Lindsey Kane was ROCKIN'! But undoubtedly the people were the best part.

I met some bloggy friends in person! Remember how we used to think it was weird to personally meet someone you met on the internet? (Well, sometimes I guess it still is weird.) But this was so cool! I met, and maybe hugged :-)
Lysa TerKeurst

I saw/listened to:
Sophie, aka BooMama
Shannon, aka rocks in my dryer
Melanie, aka Big Mama

Those girls are blogging superstars, just in case you didn't know :-)

Others that were super-sweet, but I haven't looked up their web sites yet:
Today's Christian Woman contributor and published author T. Suzanne Eller
Philis Boultinghouse of Howard Pubishing
LaRae Weikert from Harvest House Publishers
and many more..

Oh wait. I almost forgot the most important One. But you already knew God was there :-)

Gotta go eat somethin' good. I'm fasting tomorrow (see my sidebar).

Are you???


  1. Really? Ripley's and Christus? We did the pottery and arts and crafts community this morning, and I'm nearly out of money. Bummer!

    I was so glad to meet you face to face. Love the new look of your blog. I pray that the relevance of the weekend, indeed becomes your quest. Rest in the truth of all that God has planned for your life. I'm still so overwhelmed by everything.


  2. Girl,

    It was so amazing... and yes, God was there in a major way.

    I cannot believe three days can change your life. But I am there.

    It was a rich blessing for me to meet you face-to-face. We are destine to be BFF... Love ya, Hugs!

  3. I hate we didn't get to meet face to face! With 550 women there, I knew there would be people I never got to see (or hug).

    Next year, right??

  4. Thanks for posting about the Compassion fast. I have join the others in fasting and praying for a tremendous need.


  5. I'm so glad we got to meet, only I wish it could have been a much longer visit!

  6. It was so great to meet you at She Speaks. : ) It's always nice to meet a new friend.

  7. Beth,
    I followed your blog from BooMama's modesty post. I love your multi colored sun flowers. I was at She Speaks also. Still trying to recover from a week away but brought so much back home in my heart!
    Maybe next time, we will meet there!
    Bless you,

  8. Hello,
    I was at She Speaks and wish we had met. I, too was touched and blessed by God. When He shows up it is so amazing! I think it's great how many people He touched in one weekend and for each of us it was so personal.

    Have a restful weekend.


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