Monday, June 16, 2008

A word from our sponsor...

OK, so I'm going to do a little explaining here:

Lately my posts have not been very deep :-) There is a reason.

The She Speaks Conference is this weekend, and I am desperately trying to prepare for it. Most of my good brain power is being used up for that. Sorry you guys are getting the leftovers!

Anyway, at the conference I have two publisher appointments, and I am very excited. I've had them before, so I know what to expect. But I just feel better about it this time. Maybe God has publication in the cards for me, maybe not. But I'm trying to do my best to do what He's asked me to, and right know that's write this book.

Part of the book proposal involves marketing, endorsements, and having a platform. Well, I don't know Beth Moore (or any other big names) personally, so I won't be calling in ny favors for endorsements. I'm not famous, so I don't have anything super-special to market. But my platform? That's you guys. Believe it or not, having successful blog is gaining recognition as a benefit to an author and publisher. So what I'm doing with these giveaways and links to other folks' blogs is participating in blog carnivals to drive traffic here to my little piece of the blogosphere, to get my subscriber base going. More people see it, more people become regulars! (And the more people see my GOOD posts, when I have them!) And no, I'm not obsessing over the numbers. Just trying a few ways to help them grow.

So, for you male readers especially, that's why there's girly giveaways and garden pictures. :-) Bear with me. Maybe one day I'll have plenty of readers on my own...or someone will give away a grill or Super Bowl tickets or a Hummer that I can blog about :-P

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  1. Best of luck on your publisher appointments. I am also attending She Speaks, my first conference. I'm excited. Maybe we'll run into each other.


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