Monday, June 30, 2008

Put Your Thinking Caps On!

Well, I think my She Speaks hangover is gone. I took the week off from most writing to give my brain a break. But, that doesn't mean that I'm brimming with great ideas!

As a matter of fact, I'm posting today to get your help. I'm going to copycat Lysa Terkeurst, when she asked her blog readers to help her think of a title for her current book-in-progress.

That's what the potentially interested publisher wants to see: a knockout title. So, I'll tell you a little about my book, and you guys share your ideas with me!

As a little incentive, I'll even throw in a prize to a random winner (unless you give me THE PERFECT TITLE and then you'll win!)

In keeping with the whole book theme, how about a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble?

Here's my book in a nutshell:

This book is designed for a daughter-in-law to read. It will give her a biblical basis (largely from Proverbs) for determining the expectations her mother-in-law may have of her. So, it will also reveal some expectations that are not biblical. It will contain personal stories to support the points, some questions to help out the process, and practical tips for meeting those expectations. The main chapters will essentially lay out a "mother-in-law wish list" and how we can become the "dream daughter-in-law." Ultimately, the goal is to have readers of this book learn how to improve the relationship they have with their own mothers-in-law.

The trick here is that most of my possible titles so far have had "mother-in-law" in the title. That can be confusing, because it isn't for a mother-in-law. It's for the daughter-in-law to read.

Someone suggested "Smother-in-law" to me. While catchy, I think it has a negative feel to it. This isn't mother-in-law bashing. I want to be different and try to portray the mother-in-law in a more positive light. I really want it to have a helpful, coffee-with-your-girlfriend type feel.

So that's it. Let's go for a short attention grabber. Just leave your ideas in the comments, or email them to me at, and I'll announce the gift card winner later this week!!



  1. Peaceful Living with The Other Woman


    "Leave and Cleave" is NOT Where June Cleaver Got Her Name! (tagline: In-Law Relationships in the Real World)

    Great book contest!

    Blessings on your project,

  2. Through His Mother's Eyes: Learning to Love the Woman Who Loved Him First.


  3. How about:
    "Treat My Boy Well... And Other Things Your Mother-In-Love Expects of You"?

    An interesting book and probably one I could have used a lot in the past twelve years!


  4. Beth, I clicked over from Mary's blog. How about "Divine Daughter-in-law: Being the Dream Come True for Hubby's Mom" ?

  5. "I Raised Him for You: A DIL's Guide to a MIL's Expectations"

    Cool book idea. I, thankfully, have a great relationship with my MIL.

    BTW, I'm asking a question over at my place today... got any thoughts for me? :)

  6. [Title:]A Love Letter to My New Daughter

    As a new mother-in-law (three marriages in three years) I know the power that I have -- to harm or to hurt -- my children's relationships. It's huge. I determined from the beginning to love them like a daughter or son, and to let them know that and to act on it. I have such a strong, beautiful relationship with all three.

    I love this title because it's not what THEY need to change or know, but what we can talk about and learn from each other, setting a foundation of friendship and kinship. It's knowing that conflict will happen but we can work it out because I'm willing. After all, that's what families do.

  7. If you want see pics of my sweet DIL, go to:

    and more pics, plus my thoughts on being a MIL

    Hope this is helpful. : ) Your book is needed, and I'm sure will be a blessing!

  8. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post at Laced With Grace. For a single lady this sounds like a great book! I'd definitely pick something like this off the shelf.

  9. Just wanted to pop in and say "Thanks!". I received the gc in the mail a couple days ago! I've had my eye on a book that's not available on paperbackswap, so now I can get it! Thanks!


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