Friday, June 13, 2008

Two down...

Oldest boy is at the lake with his grandparents. Middle boy is in Fayetteville with Gramma (my mother-in-law) for the week, visiting his aunt, uncle and cousins. We still have Baby Boy (aka Spiderman) all to ourselves. He's never been away from his big brother, except for during school. He's stuck with Mom and Dad for entertainment for a few days. Poor kid!

Do you think he'll still sleep in his room? He'll be all lonely :-(

Daddy is taking him to the movies tomorrow. Good one-on-one time that just doesn't happen much with three kids. Maybe I can get some writing done while they're gone!! The She Speaks Conference (and my publisher appointments!) are NEXT FRIDAY!! And I am so not ready! But I'm not freaking out. That will wait until Thursday :-)

Have a great weekend, with kids or without!

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