Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Cafe Holiday Expo is here!!

Man, I love a good giveaway. I am a total sucker for contests! And I know of a good one for you to check out:

Internet Cafe Devotions is celebrating the holidays, and this week's way to celebrate Christmas is with a giveaway carnival! Yay! Head on over to their site to see what kind of goodies are up for grabs.

So, what am I giving away? Well, look no further:

I made this snowflake purse with my own two little hands. Seriously! It's made out of a beautiful red wool, which I then embellished with a few snowflakes.

Oh, and then there's the verse of the back. (That's the best part!) There you'll see Isaiah 1:18: "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool."

Pretty cool, huh?

Well, I think so, and I hope you do, too! One of you lucky blog-hoppers will win this little bag. (And it is petite - maybe six inches wide? Just right for keys, cell phone, a smallish wallet and lip gloss!)

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave me a comment telling me the best Christmas gift you ever received. That's it! (Not just a random comment. I want participation, people! :-))

Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you if you win, though. I'd hate to have to give your prize to someone else! (Sorry, international visitors: this is open to United States residents only.)

Deadline to leave a comment is this Sunday, December 7th at 8pm EST. The Random Number Generator will pick a winner, which I will then announce. I believe that Internet Cafe Devotions will also post a list of all the winners.

So, be sure to enter while you're here, then head over to Internet Cafe Devotions and see what other goodies you can win!

Good luck!


  1. Your purse is beautiful!! I love handcrafted items--do a lot of this myself.

    My favorite Christmas present: My "Beth" doll that I received from my mother when I was 9 years old--the Christmas after my father passed away. I had been eying up this doll for so long, but I knew she couldn't afford it, especially now with my Dad gone.

    But, there she was on Christmas morning!! I still have her and always will. Let's see--that makes her 46!!


  2. My favorite gift was my basketball hoop when I was about 10 years old. I LOVED basketball and to have my own hoop was just incredible. He even put the unit up the day after Christmas. I was so thrilled I was out there helping him and in great anticipation was jumping over the ladder...back and forth...back and forth...and then I missed! I have this VERY large scar now on my shin where the skin was peeled up and off to the emergency room for about 12 or so stitches. Oh, well, each time I shave my leg I see it and I always remember that Christmas. Thanks for the fun giveaway! Have a BLessed Christmas.

  3. Oh, it's cute and sweet! I think my daughter would DIE for it. hehe

    The best Christmas gift I ever recieved I suppose would be my digital camera. PARTLY because it was a complete and TOTAL surprise (money was tight and hubby and I had SUPPOSEDLY agreed to not splurge. He did LOL)

  4. Oh Beth...That's easy for me...The best Christmas gift I EVER received...was on Dec. 22, 1994...after YEARS of waiting my gift arrived..her name is Madison, and we took her home on Dec. 24th...what a GIFT!!...this year she turns gift by far...tears as I type this:) and SHE WOULD LOVE this!!

    thanks for joining us today!

  5. Oh My I lOVE IT!!!!!

    The best Christmas gift.... hmmm, I'd say, my second born. He arrived two days after Christmas but the gift of His life brought such hope to me through an otherwise very dark Christmas in my life!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  6. When I was a kid I got a stuffed rocking unicorn. I loved that thing and totally wore it out!

  7. okay that is just beautiful! i love! not to mention my favorite verse!!!

    fav. gift.
    my afgahn i got from my aunty when i was about 5. i've still got it! lol

  8. My favorite Christmas gift was a set of handmade dishes. None of them were perfect and it was an incomplete set... but I loved them. I got them the Christmas I left for college. Each plate was a different, bright color with a hand painted flower. Loved them!

    If I win your contest, I'll be giving this purse to a young neighbor girl that comes to watch two of my boys once a week while they are asleep so I can get the oldest from school. She would ADORE this purse!! Very cute, Beth!

  9. I loved Atari, in fact, my dh bought me a new one with all the games built in for Christmas 3 years ago.

    Love the purse ~ so so creative!

    Pick me!

    JOYfully Serving Him,

  10. That is sooooooooooooo incredible! I always admire people who can make this adorable stuff! Hey, I can sing you a song! :D

    Okay, wellza, I'd have to say my fav gift ever was my espresso machine! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

  11. How cute!! I love hand made things!!

    I think one of my favorite gifts was a baby doll that my husband got me. He has a porcelain head and hands and his body feels "real". He weighs 6 pounds and I still find my self going in and picking him up and "smelling" him like only a mom would silly I know!!

  12. My best Christmas gift was a Barbie Town House I got when I was 8. I loved it so much. 6 months later we had a house fire in which we lost everything. I mourned the loss of that toy. Now I have a two year old girl and she already loves dolls like her mom did so I will be getting my fill of Barbie very soon. Thanks for the contest!



  13. The best Christmas gift I ever received wasn't an actual present but it was seeing for the first time my daughter embrassing the gift of giving as we donate to the Angel Tree ministries. Now that she is 8, she really gets it which is worth more to me than anything else I could ever ask for.

  14. My favorite has been my cell phone. I didn't have one until Christmas '06. My hubby put it in the Christmas tree and then dialed it from downstairs. My son and I were playing with some of his presents and my tree started ringing! I still have the same phone.
    I love your purse. Beautiful work. What a fitting verse. Great for witnessing! I hope I win.

  15. So adorable! And this one is easy for me! 20 years ago this year, my father gave me a gift that I get to keep 'till death do us part! Yup, he surprised me with my husband! He's the best Christmas gift I've ever received. ;)

  16. Wow! That's a hard one.
    I'd have to say my stereo when I was 12. There were six kids in our family and money was tight. Our parents alternated Christmases on who got a "big gift". It was my turn that year! For someone who was so into John Denver records, this was a great gift. ;)

  17. Wow, Love what your little hands can do.
    I would have to say my best christmas was when I was about 4. My parents said that we would not get much for Christmas. We woke up on Christmas morning to Everything we needed for our Barbies. Including the 3 story house, car, clothes, shoes, bags, you name it. All I could say was ooohhh Tista, we got MUCH! We got MUCH, MUCH!!
    Thanks for reminding me.

  18. My best gift was the phonograph my mom gave me...she saved up and bought it at a garage sale.

  19. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  20. Beth,

    I am new to your blog. Really enjoyed looking around. The best Christmas gift I have ever received was the military dog tag of my deceased Father, 38 years after his death. He was killed in Vietnam in 1967. In November of 2005 I received a letter from a group called TOPs Tours of Peace, that had been in Vietnam the previous summer and had recovered my Father’s dog tag and were wanting to return it to the family. We received it prior to Christmas of the same year. What a gift.


    swking at wcc dot net

  21. The best gift I ever received...hmmm...that is a tough one. I guess I can't choose just one - all of the homemade gifts I have received from my sons, my mom and grandpa. I think they are the best gift because the person spent time making something for me.

    Cute bag by the way...and love the verse!

  22. My best Christmas gift? I don't know... maybe my daughter who was born just a few weeks before Christmas! That's a pretty good Christmas gift!
    (I am currently living in Indonesia but am a US resident and have a US mailing address - thanks!)

  23. Hi There!
    I am new at blogging - I love to read other's so thought I would try my hand at it too!!! I think this contest is going to be so much fun!!!
    Last Christmas, 2007, my son and daughter-in-love gave us a small package to open - inside was a picture of our 2 beautiful granddaughters ultrasound pic of their "surprise" from the Lord - a baby!!! We were extremely surprised, as they were!!
    Today, we have a charming, sweet, little grandson - born in July - we just adore him and truly thank the Lord for blessing us one more time - that make 6 grands for us!!!
    Isn't God so good???!!!...and He sure has a sense of humor!!! LOL!!!
    This is my new blog address:
    You may email me at:
    Thanks for a fun thing to do!!

  24. My best Christmas gift was a barbie beauty center when I was 10.

  25. The best Christmas present I ever received was my family coming to visit me while I lived in Africa! Such a huge blessing.


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