Sunday, December 14, 2008

Honey, I'm Home!

Hey blog friends!

First, thanks for your prayers for my return trip. They were absolutely answered, but that post will take a few minutes to write, so expect the rest of the story soon. :-)

Second, I tried really hard to give you guys a few little pre-scheduled somethings to read while I was away, even if it was mostly fluff. It would appear that it really is all about QUALITY, not QUANTITY, based on the comments (or lack thereof) and such. So, maybe I won't do that again!

Third, I am really tired, but at least wanted to pop in and say hello. I missed being here, but it was nice to have a breather, too.

And lastly, unless some of my fellow trainees from last week share their photos, you won't see anything really good from my trip. The combo of a camera that just stinks in the dark, bad weather and ME as a photographer is just a recipe for disaster! But I will share what I do have. Just don't laugh. (where I can hear you!)

Now, to catch up on all that stuff I missed this week....

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