Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Flu Is NOT the Only Nasty Around Here

The flu is finally getting it's horrible little self out of my house. Assisted by bleach, elbow grease, and a washer and dryer working lots of overtime.

Unfortunately, there are some new "nasties" in my house now, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get rid of them. Clorox is useless here. I'll share the symptoms below and if these sound familiar to you, let me know how you deal with it.

Nasty #1: The Opposite Bug

3 year old: "I want my white Spiderman shoes."
(White Spiderman shoes go on.)
3YO: "NO! I want my black Spiderman shoes!"
(Black Spiderman shoes replace white Spiderman shoes.)
3YO: "I don't wike deez. I want my udder ones."
Repeat this cycle until you almost lose your mind.

At this point, the grown-up responsible for dressing 3YO either:

1. Continues switching between black and white shoes from now on
2. Screams
3. Spanks 3YO
4. Removes whatever Spiderman shoe is on 3YO foot and throws it out the window
5. Sighs
6. Gives up completely and walks away
7. Any combination of the above

Oh. I guess there should be some calm, rational adult way to deal with this. I haven't found it yet. And this Opposite Bug also appears when choosing breakfast cereal, shirts, pants, socks (even though ALL the socks are IDENTICAL) and anything else 3YO feels like arguing about.


Nasty #2: The Choosy/Attitude Bug

6 Year Old brother has developed attitude of teenager. Consists of smart mouth, eye rolls, and "I know it all and you don't" mentality. Upon recognition of symptoms, grown-up tries to remove "bug" from 6YO and is told, "I choose how I want to act."

Yep. He just admitted to being a brat on purpose.

At this point, the grown-up adressing 6YO either:

1. Gets on 6YO level and is a brat right back
2. Screams
3. Spanks 6YO
4. Revokes TV privileges
5. Sighs
6. Gives up completely and walks away
7. Any combination of the above

I'm thinking the CDC or the Surgeon General or someone should be sending us a warning about these bugs. They are going to be very hazardous to someone's health, and SANITY!


  1. Try having your 3YO wear the white shoe on the left foot and the black shoe on the right foot. :)

  2. yes...oh yes... I can surely remember these days!!! I have 3 kids 17,15 and 9... and now are "nasties" are of a different nature!!!! But I just love how you say it like it is. I used to struggle when these things even happened let alone how to deal with them. I remember feeling shame that they would even argue with me because I grew up in a home where you didn´t even breath out of line! So these kinds of incidents were even shameful to talk about, and it´s almost comforting (doenst that sound wierd!) after all these years to read that others struggle and it´s NORMAL.... I guess I always looked upon others as having it all together... sorry...kinda of rambling here... but it felt so nice to share your honesty...thanks so much!

  3. Honesty is also contagious!!! and that´s a good thing!


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