Friday, March 14, 2008

Say a Prayer for Cheryl!

My friend Cheryl (and her main squeeze Kevin) are getting married Saturday! Would you say a prayer for her? As if "wedding week" isn't stressful enough, she's got lots of things going on.

1. RAIN! She'd planned an outdoor wedding, but with the weather forecast, she decided to move it indoors. That made her very unhappy.

2. The beautiful photos of their children in their "Sunday best" will have to be retaken. The film got ruined between the photo studio and the photo lab. That made her very unhappy.

3. Her injured knee. Wow. Where do I begin?
a. Her original doctor is not very respected by his peers. We'll stop there.
b. It isn't healing as quickly as they would like.
c. She also has a cyst in her knee which will need to be evaluated.
That made her very unhappy.

4. She needs her wisdom teeth taken out. That made her very unhappy.

Let's pray for calmness and peace, no pain from teeth or knees, no more film failures, a knee that doesn't buckle during the wedding, and a beautiful indoor ceremony! And no more things to make her unhappy!

Thank you!!!!


  1. Talk about stress! I'll certainly lift her up in prayer.

  2. Looks like they made it to the "hitchin' post"! (Judging by the top picture!)
    I know she is blessed to have a friend like you!


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