Monday, March 17, 2008

Mr. and Mrs.

Thanks for your prayers for Cheryl! I know she felt them. No bride could be as calm as she was when it's raining cats and dogs, thundering and lightening on you wedding day.

No bride could be as calm as she was when the space heaters blew the circuit breaker and the church lost power.

No bride could be as calm as she was when 30 minutes before the wedding she was still in jeans and a ball cap, and still had to GO HOME, get ready, and come back to the church.

No bride could be as calm as she was when she got stuck in the mud and was 45 minutes late for her own wedding!

So Thank You! See what a precious family y'all prayed for?


  1. Look at all those sweet kids! Oh, they are going to have a blast with the rest of their life! :)

  2. It sounds like an unforgettable wedding!

  3. It is awesome that you saw all the good things in the middle of the "rush" of everything! Beautiful Bride! Beautiful family!
    Thank you Beth for your kind words on my LWG post!

  4. Yeah! With calmness like that at the wedding - the marriage is off to a great start!

  5. It always brings tears to the surface and a smile to God...

    Thank you for visiting Laced W Grace

  6. I'm so glad the wedding is just one 'day' where a commitment is made and not the lifelong commitment itself! If she could be that calm on A 'day' like that, I'm sure she'll be even calmer the lifetime she's married! Praise God for His provisions for her future!!!


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