Saturday, August 4, 2007

A few moments of peace...

are few and far between when there is a sick child in your midst. My five year old has had a fver of 101-102.5 since Wednesday afternoon. The doctor said that it's probably Enterovirus, and that we should let the fever go if we can all stand it. Fever's really are beneficial for healing.

Well, when you could fry an egg on his forehead, you're gonna try to bring it down. TRY being the operative word. Motrin and Tylenol are neither one enough to bring it fully down. Reaching the point of not knowing what to do here. Already seen the doctor, now it's the weekend (isn't that always how it works?) Hopefully it will break tonight and that will be the end of it...

Well, our worship leader Josh Fowler debuts on CMT tonight, so I'm off to check it out!!

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