Friday, August 3, 2007

Show and Tell Friday

These are pics my 14 year old son took of the Egg-streme Egg Drop our Pinnacle Church did for Easter this year. Instead of an egghunt, we dropped 17,000 plastic eggs filled with candy and prize vouchers out of a helicopter onto the Pisgah High School (my alma mater: Go Bears!) football field. Our local school board let us send flyers home with students to announce it. That morning, we unexpectedly woke up to snow and temps, if I remember, in the 20's and 30's. I expected it to be cancelled, or few to show up in those conditions.

Boy, was I wrong! The first picture is of the stands filled with over a thousand people. I wish I could remember the official turnout, but regardless, God was at work that day!!! The second shot is of a few of the eggs that were age-appropriately placed on the field before the majority was dropped from the chopper.

And yes, ALL those eggs were individually hand-stuffed with treats by Pinnacle staff and volunteers!!!

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  1. I was assuming you didn't live in Canton, but I guess you do...or near it.

    (whining) no one here blogs wahhhh...

    0:) Amber


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