Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Women of Faith Amazing Freedom Atlanta

Well, how to recap this weekend?

Hot. Cold. Emotional. Hilarious. Amazing...

The temps were certainly 90's, some tell me 100's. Fortunately, most of our time was indoors, but I know it was HOT. But the conference center was FREEZING! ALL THE TIME! My boss would love it. She is constantly on menopausal fire :-)

Beth Moore was, well, Beth Moore. With Travis Cottrell. :-) Her topic for us was comfort. She can tell it best herself here. Just incredible. How does she make herself be such a vessel???

The Women of Faith ladies told such emotional stories. We laughed, we cried, all the usual woman stuff! But I have to say, one of my most favorite parts was Anita Renfroe. Keep in mind, I had never heard nor read anything by anyone there except Beth Moore. So when Anita got on stage, I had no idea what I was in for. I do not think I have EVER laughed so hard in my ENTIRE life, and I love to laugh. Thank goodness that I just laughed till I cried and not until I peed in my pants!! I have GOT to find a DVD of her to share.

My roomies were Angie and Jackie, and we got along fine. No fights over the bathroom, we weren't late for anything, and I think we all slept well. Yay!

The bus ride each way was good, too. Our driver Bill was a hoot. Going down was dark and early, and driving back was dark and late. Only a little knitting time though! First, it almost made me carsick, then Bill turned off the lights and I couldn't see. Then, I needed double-point needles to do my teddy bear sweater neck and didn't have them. Finally, I left it on the bus without realizing that I wouldn't be back on it until we were coming home.

But it was all good!! I didn't take my camera, because I never use it even if I have it. Hopefully someone can give me some and I can post them here to show you our lovely ladies group!!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I have never seen Beth Moore in person and have only done one of her Bible Studies. Wish I could have tagged along.


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