Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Football-a-long progress

OK, so here are some pics of my progress so far. I used a pattern set from the Cubs for Kids site, and here is what I have: a stockinette scarf in white, and the beginnings of the sweater. These are in Indianapolis Colts colors, even though my husband wants to argue with me and say that my blue yarn just isn't dark enough. Well, this is as close as I could find. And it's much darker than it looks in this photo.

My scarf is just so "blah". I may have to add fringe or an edging of some kind. We'll see. I'm still waiting for my invite to post on the Football-a-long site and flickr page, but I'm knitting anyway! And you can see it first here! (I know you guys are SO stoked about that =))


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