Friday, November 23, 2007

Birthday Thanks

November 23, 2007: Today I am giving thanks for one thing: my wonderful husband, Jeff. Today is his #*th birthday (he doesn't like getting older!)

God put him in my life at a time when I had no one left. My parents were there for me, but not in a way that I needed. I was going through a divorce, as was Jeff. I was about as far away from God as you could get. At that time, it had been years since I had darkened the doorway of a church or lifted a prayer. My last, and best, friend had abandoned me, because I was so miserable that she "just couldn't take it anymore." Thanks. I didn't learn THAT until years later...

So here I was, the full-time working mother of a beautiful 4 year old boy, trying to learn how to be alone. I had never lived alone my whole life, never completely responsible for myself.

The first time I laid eyes on Jeff, my heart just pounded. Funny now looking back how God was confirming my direction! I'll just say that we "clicked" right away, and neither of us ever looked back. He truly is a soul mate for me, however corny that sounds.

We eventually began going to church together, and for the first time, maybe ever, I looked forward to it. We were married there almost 2 years after we began dating. That day I not only gained a special man to be my husband, but an even more special man to be stepfather to my son. He's taken him all over the East coast to baseball games on "boys-only" trips. They enjoy their time together. He truly is a father to Michael and loves him like his own, and for that, I couldn't be more grateful.

Of course, he's also an amazing father to our own two sons. (Except for teaching them the App. State fight song. Enough already :-)) Those boys adore their daddy, and he just does things for and with them that makes my heart smile. We are all very blessed to have Jeff in our lives.

So, today I am most thankful for that sweet, amazing man who doesn't look a day over 29 :-)

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I love you!

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  1. Your story sounds so much like my own except that Gary had never been married before. Brady was four when we tied the knot, and we've never looked back. What a blessing those husbands can be!! Praising the Lord with you!


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