Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Saturday Full of Things to Be Thankful For

November 10, 2007: Today I am thankful for our cold and blustery day that kept us indoors. I spent the whole day with my two youngest sons, and we played games, and watched movies, and ate junk - all day. It was great! I was a good mommy - no spanking, no yelling, and no one getting sent to their rooms. My kids, for a change, were angels. We stayed in our pajamas all day...

And to top it off, the kids are sitting quietly at the dining room table, coloring The Incredible Hulk and Batman. My five year old is a perfectionist,and his pictures are amazing. He stays inside the lines, and his strokes are even. Beautiful. (Yes, even the Hulk can be beautiful :-)) His baby brother, at 3, is standing in the chair, furiously scribbling with his black crayon on every page. His blond hair sways as he moves, and he is wearing only one sock. He is just too cute!

Today Lord, thank you for letting things be slow, quiet and good. Thank you for my children...

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