Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Giving Thanks

Recently you may have noticed that this blog has become a big contest factory and Wordless Wednesday post. Those will still be here. But I have been somewhat lacking in anything, well, uplifting, to say.

Stress levels are high in my house for a plethora of reasons. Most days I deal with it OK. Lately, though, it seems to be catching up with me. Today I have described myself to others as an old grouch. We had to put our dog of 16 years to sleep yesterday, my five-year old got terrified at a CHURCH trunk-or-treat (scary things just don't belong there!) and couldn't enjoy our outing, and work responsibilities (that I don't necessarily actually have) just got to me today.

It was quite timely to see Leah's post today. My life could always be worse. MUCH worse. My life is actually pretty darn good. I think sometimes I want things to seem wrong to feel more normal, like I don't have enough problems or something.

So, this month I am going to make it a point to recognize something I am thankful for every day. Hopefully it will become a habit! :-)

November 1, 2007: I am thankful that God has gifted me a little with the ability to write. That was confirmed today when I won a "Highly Commended" rating on a story that I wrote for a Faithwriters Writing Challenge. I pray that God will continue to affirm that calling, and use me to bring Him glory...

(If you are interested, it was called "At Water's Edge" in the Beginner level "Christian Baptism" challenge. I think you can search by name, too.)


  1. I am SO glad you're joining me! Why, oh why does it seem like finding things to be thankful for is such a struggle sometimes? Hopefully this month we'll realize what blessed women we are!

  2. I'm slow in getting this started. I've been out of town all weekend.


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