Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful for a Special Six Year Old

November 29, 2007: Today, my middle son turns six. It seems like just yesterday that he was saying "ku-wai" (screwdriver) and "hi-tactee" (helicopter), and pointing to ANY light and screeching "eeeeeee-Light!"

Aaron surprised us with his arrival. I was induced 4 and a half weeks early because I had HELLP syndrome, where my blood pressure skyrocketed, my liver was freaking out and my platelet count was dropping. The only "cure" is delivery, so we almost got a Thanksgiving baby instead of a Christmas one!

We had tried so hard to have him in the first place. Tests, treatments, fertility drugs - finally we got our little man. Jeff's first child, the long-awaited sibling of my son, and the answer to many prayers.

He was tough from the beginning. He weighed less than 5 pounds with his early arrival and all, but he never went to the intensive care unit or had any special treatment. He was fine, with the minor exception of being a hard-head during his hearing test. :-) We survived a few unnecessary scares, and went home after 2 days.

He has always been inquisitive, more interested in how his toys were assembled than in actually playing with them. I said he would be an engineer :-) And his incredible brain (comes from me!) just astounds us every day. We can't spell things we don't want him to hear anymore - he can figure out what we're saying. He's reading first grade books in kindergarten, and his coloring and drawing skills foreshadow an interest in art.

He has his moments of smart-mouth attitude, but can be the sweetest thing, too. He is precious, and God has blessed me abundantly by letting me borrow him from heaven for a little while.

Happy Birthday, Aaron. I love you bunches!


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to your son! Such a joy to be reminded of God amazing grace and power!

    Love the new look on your blog! You must be getting very computer savvy!

    Thanks for sticking with me during my blogging break.



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