Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Thanks

November 5, 2007: I am thankful that the time change now lets me have my morning sunrise on my daily commute again. For 80's and 90's music that makes me fondly remember the past. For good conversation with my mother-in-law. That I wasn't harassed mercilessly at work because the Colts lost last night. For a boss who appreciates me. For kids that make me smile and laugh. For that sweet smile my husband gives me that says he's truly happy to see me...


  1. You've sure got some great "thankfulness" posts going on here, Beth. Way to go! You are definitely in the spirit! =)

  2. Great things to be thankful for. I'm also thankful for the time change - it's so much easier to get up when the sun is shining.

  3. What a great morning thanks! Nebraska was trampled, mercilessly. So far, no one has bugged me about it either. God Bless!


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