Thursday, November 8, 2007

Look How I Got Thanked!

In this time of giving thanks, I wanted to brag a bit and share how someone thanked me. My buddy Karolee sent me this lovely card, drawn by her 16 year old DD1. Isn't that awesome?

She is a multitalented girl, and you can read her mom bragging about her right here...

Thanks Karolee and DD1!


  1. How lucky that you now have your own "E Original"! =)

  2. Ha! Leah's comment is funny since DD1's name begins with an E.

    Glad you like the card. She is pretty fabulous. When I need a card, I just say.... "Make me a card and the person likes to.... " and so she did that for you. Afterwards I told her that I was thinking of a red scarf since it was Red Scarf season... guess I should have told her before she drew it... Oh well - I can be so demanding. :)


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