Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Good Sunday

November 18, 2007: Today, I am very thakful. For a church that loves on its members. Where small groups form just when and where they're needed. Where acknowledging our pastor can leave him speechless. That he finds my little blog enjoyable enough to put on his blog as a "favorite." :-) Which leads to hearing from an old friend VERY unexpectedly.

I am thankful for warm, homemade chili with lots of onions and cheese. And fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies.

For kids who say the most unexpected things that make you laugh when you shouldn't. For kids that I often wonder what God was thinking when He picked me to be their mother. For kids on a sugar-rush from said fresh cookies who run wildly around the house screaming jibberish and laughing :-)

And for my football team just barely squeaking out a win, when it should have been easy :-/

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  1. Lovely things to be thankful for! I just found an old friend through blogging, too; what fun!

    Greenberry was my great-grandfather's name, too; he was Greenberry Steadham from Kentucky. I've run across the name in old records as a given name and a few people have contacted me over the years with Greenberry as a surname. Thanks for stopping by and joining the contest fun!


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